New Arrivals

January 2009

As Project M is still at the shotblasters, I was only too happy to purchase the following 2 E12 M535i's when they came up for sale recently.


The cars were located some distance from mine so the journey to collect them was quite long, but hopefully will be worth it, at this stage I was unsure what to do with the cars, as I had not actually seen them in the flesh, so to speak, but once I got them home it soon became clear.

As can be seen both cars had already been partly stripped, and there are insufficient parts to rebuild both cars, so it was likley that 1 would need to be broken to allow the other to be saved

Silver Car

Despite first appearances to suggest that the silver car looked like the better proposition, it turned out not to be, it has had a new inner wing fitted to the drivers side, this had not been fitted very well, the welding was of a poor standard, and not even penetrated where it had been welded to the chassis legs and A post. Added to this several other equally poorly welded patches on the floors, and other inner wing and other dubvious repairs, I decided that the best thing would be to break this car for spares


Blue Car

So despite this being rotten in almost every external panel, it is infact pretty solid underneath, to be truthful, a lot better than Project "M", and whilst this car has been off the road the longest, this also means that it has had very little welding work carried out to it before, so apart from a small amounting of welding to the bootfloor, it seems very much original


Find out more about both cars below

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