Project "B"

January 2009

For several reasons I have decided to name this car Project "B"

To date I have not done anything yet apart from give it the once over to decide it fate, the previous owner had started to restore the back axle, so this has been fully stripped and painted, and this time does contain the proper limited slip diff.

However there is no interior with this car, apart from 3 very tired grey door cards, there is also no front spoiler, also only 2 alloy wheels, one of which has a shattered centre stub and the other has a largish ding in the outer rim, so I will definitely need parts from the silver car, and perhaps some more from my current hoard of parts.

The welding to the rear panel and boot floor, seem to be due to the tow bar being fitted, perhaps to stitch it back together after pulling something large and heavy, this will need further investigation


Steering wheel is also poor and will need recovering, car was full of water as front windscreen had been removed


Shattered centre to the alloy wheel, I cannot imagine how this happened


Bonnet and front panel are totally rotten, as are all the doors, but at the end of the day these are easily replaced, windscreen surround is surprisingly very solid though

Definitely the car to save, I intend to remove all the scrap parts and replace with serviceable items, that wrap it all up and take it to my dad's for storage, there is an old garage at his that is not used and is watertight, this will be its new home for the foreseeable future
Project B now in the garage, plan is to strip off the rotten and worn out parts and replace with some serviceable parts, before it goes into storage, this will also give me the opportunity to properly assess the condition of the car.


Windscreen surround has been repaired but all in all is very solid


The bonnet and all front end parts are the worst I have ever seen, I think that they might have been made from a recycled German U Boat



Drivers side inner wing has also had a small patch



Notice the thin chrome pushrod in the strut, no Bilstein's on this car either, and a closer look at the rear turned up some Monroe Gas Matics.


Jacking points both away, this is very normal


Front panel will need replaced, but I cut the one of the silver breaker which was in excellent shape


Corner of the drivers side floor away, by the jacking point


all rotten parts stripped of this side now, doesn't look too bad


This is worse than I thought, I will need to do something with this before it goes into storage, or it will have completely rotted away when I get it back out again

Feb. 9 2009
Managed to spend some time in the garage this weekend, preparing Project B for Storage, the plan was to strip off most of the rotten bits and swap over some good bits instead, I also decided that it might be wise to grind back and treat some of the rust as well, as if left too long, there might not be anything to come back to
Some crusty spots on the drivers side


I decided to cut the rotten arch back, as it was pretty raggy once I had ground it down, this will definitely stop the rot spreading



Then a quick run over with the DA Sander



Then a good thick coat of Rust proofing red primer



Leaving that to dry it was then onto the Drivers side inner wing


You will remember the whole front end was very rusty, well I found out the reason for that


Accident Damage, you can see from both these shots that the front section of the inner wing is very rippled and uneven, yet when you look inside it is nice and smooth, this is because it has been hammered straight and then covered with body filler.

From that I figure that the bonnet, wings and front panel must also have been replaced, but not properly painted and protected on the inside, hence years later they are totally rotten.

This also means that every E12 M535 that I have owned so far has had some front end damage in its life time, definitely a thing to watch out for in the future


Hopefully not too late to save it though, but I also know that you can buy these front sections from Walloth and Nesch, so it should not be too bad



Then onto fitting the doors and wing



Those are E28 doors, I have done an article about fitting those, as I am often being asked if they will fit.


Looks a lot more presentable now, just the other side to do

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