Project "M" The Early Days

I did the Majority of this work when I first got the car in the years from 1996 - 2000


New Drivers side inner wing and front panel already fitted by this time


Stone chipped and painted in Silver Hammerite


Passenger side is very rotten


Rear end panel work also needs attention


Both sides and note large scab by fuel filler, this turns into a hole when ground down later


Passenger side door is totally shot


Note inner door skin has been cut out, I managed to source an excellent early door but it turned out that as well as the mirror mounting being different, the window and lock mechanism was also all different, so I cut out the original inner skin and have welded it into the early door.








Rear lower corner being cutout ready for new panel


Starting to cut out the rear panel


It doesn't look to bad here but the base of the wheel well also needs replacing


New rear panel in place


Normally I would join the lower corners below the swage line it makes it easier to make an invisible repair, but the rust went all the way up , so the whole panel was needed, note section cutout where scab was to side of the fuel filler cap


Secondhand bonnet replaced damaged one, this area now totally solid


An early engine shot, I hope to use this later as the basis of a before and after shot


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