Car: Ford Cortina Mk V
Colour: Silver

This was bought as a stolen recovered rolling shell, there was no interior, doors, bonnet, boot, engine or gearbox. Fortunately I had also bought a mechanically excellent Mk IV Cortina, so most of the running gear was swapped straight over, and the local breakers yard provided the rest of the parts, even the vinyl roof was peeled from another scrap yard car.

One of my very first projects, not sure that I would do the striping like that again if I bought one today


Note the shorter MK IV rear door, this was temporary until I could source a Mk V one


A real mix and match of panels


Green Boot lid and Bonnet were also from the donor MK IV


All Mechanicals swapped, panels sourced and primed ready for paint


Getting there, note "New" vinyl roof, a popular accessory of the time


Striped up and ready to go


Once advertised it sold straight away





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