Car: Mini 1000
Colour: Orange

Funded by my father, this was to be a 17th Birthday present for my sister.
It really was a horrible example. painted all over in black hammerite with a union jack painted on the roof, mechanically it was ok, and if I remember rightly it even had an mot.

The Good thing about restoring a mini is that all the parts are available and with the external seams they are easy to fit new panels


What can you say, at least it was complete


The body was painted in black hammerite


Starting the strip down, notice the 1600E in the background


Fitting the new panels is easy due to the external seams


Panel work finished


Time to strip the remaining paint


The only way to get rid of the hammerite was to strip back to bare metal


I had to do it in stages because I had no garage


Looks much better now


Resplendent in the morning sun


Ready for the big surprise





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