Car: Mercedes 240D
Colour: Burgundy

Restored for a friend of a friend
New wings, rear arches and a bottom half respray

Great build quality, even though parts were rusty it still came apart easily with no broken clips or brackets, Horribly slow and heavy to drive


Already started by this photo


Rear wheel arches already repaired, I always only replace the least amount of metal on wheel arches , it makes things much easier when trying to blend the repairs in later on


Inner wing looks a bit suspect


There's always more than you originally think


The only way to fix it properly is to cut all the rot out


Hand fabricated repair panel


Tack welded in place


Spending time at this stage makes for a much better job


Other side was a similar story


All they need now is a light skim of filler and blowing in with the burgundy paint


Bottom of pillars and door also needed attention


Both sides the same


Fixed up and ready to fit the wings


The finished article




Another one saved




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