Car: BMW 323i
Colour: Metallic Blue

Restored for a friend of mine
This car was mechanically excellent, but as I was beginning to discover with most of these E21's that did not stop them rotting. New parts included wings, arches, lower rear corners and front lower valance. This was the first one where I colour coded the bumpers, they were typical BMW chrome, solid but dull, so I thought, why not give it a go. It might not look right on all colour's but definitely suited this one. Shot blasted and painted wheels also set the project off

The owner was very fastidious and was delighted with the finished result


The obligatory "before" shot


Not as bad as others in the boot


Hardly even a "Hole" in this corner


Corners cut off


Scabby rear quarter and arches


Front panel was suffering


These are common problem areas on E21's


Cutting the rot out is the only way


Scrapyard corner makes life easier


Along with some handmade sections


Starting to take shape


Hopefully this should last a few more years


Back to full strength


New rear arches and corners welded in by this time


Bumpers being prepared for colour coding


The fitting back up, well underway


Check out those straight sides


New Badge and number plate needed, as the old ones let it down


Wish the wife looked this good from behind !




Painting the wheels and blacking the tyres, all add to that gleaming look


I was getting good at E21's by now





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