Car: BMW 318
Colour: Blue Metallic

Restored for a friend of mine who runs an independant BMW Repair business
This car had been well bodged in the past, plenty of filler covering the usual trouble spots, It had failed the MOT on some welding, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. This was another one which needed, wings, rear arches, sill repairs, lower corners and front valance repairs as well as several patches underneath

It was nice to save another one


To the untrained eye these arches looked ok before, with just a few rust blisters


But with the filler ground out they were not so good


All the typical areas were affected to some degree


Front panel was away in places


Along with inner wings


Repaired and painted


Hole to door also needed sorting


Lots of primer and prep needed




Final preparation to rear arches


This was another friends garage where I could spray in, beats doing it outside in the rain


Fresh from paint, needs polishing, detailing and putting back together


Reflections are nice and straight


It lives to fight another day


Notice my scrapyard find E21 in the background





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