Car: BMW 316
Colour: Beige then Red

I only bought this car because the number plate matched the other one that I had, it was very rough and rotten but drove like a dream. Everyone thought I was mad to try to fix it and the more I got into it the more I agreed with them, but in those days I was young and impetuous, so it just made it more of a challenge. Kept it for about a year afterwards and really loved driving it, it was this car that converted me to BMW's.

Definitely wish I had taken more photos during the rebuild, this car had the lot, new arches, sills, rear valance, lower rear corners, wings, front panel, boot floor and patch after patch underneath. I often wonder if this has still survived


The cutting out had already started


Notice flapping front wing


Boot floor out


and section of rear strut tower


This is what was left under the rear wheel arches, note they are rotten too


Little did I know that this was to become a familiar sight on future projects


Replacement boot floor was cut from scrapyard car


Unconventional spray booth, but results were excellent




Preparation is the key


It took a lot of work to get to this stage


It nearly always rained when I got the spray gun out, so the cover was essential


But all the efforts were worthwhile, Note the number plate, compare with previous 316


Even looked right with just the steel wheels


Not sure about the boot spoiler now though !





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