Car: BMW 316
Colour: Beige, then Red, then Green

I found this in my local scrapyard, it was "parked" on top of a lorry, but the more I looked at it the more I realised it was all totally rust free and original. A Deal was done and it was delivered to mine, the gearbox and various other engine parts were in the boot and the tax disc indicated that it had been off the road for several years. The interior was absolutely immaculate and unmarked. I thought this would make a great concours car. I started to strip the car and then got caught up in lots of other projects and my Brother In
Law took it on. He bought a later rotten 318 and we swapped all the mechanicals over, this was Red so the B.I.L started to paint it red. He ran out of money so I bought it back. I did not think that the Immaculate greeney colour interior suited the red body so decided to spray it British Racing Green, I colour coded the bumpers, fitted some alloys and sold to a friend

This really was an immaculate shell, turned out a really nice car. Over the years I had taken bits off it to repair other E21's hence the later style front panel and different doors and bonnet. Despite this being the first E21 that I bought it was the last (so far) to be done.


This is how I found it


Looking sorry for itself, but safe from dirty hands


That's the B.I.L not me


Years of neglect, but all solid


Previous owner had started respray in Black aerosol


Rest of the bits in here


Much Later, getting rid of the red


Original door had been borrowed for another project


Along with bonnet


Those are original untouched arches




Nearly ready for the paint


I drove it like this to a friends lock up to paint


Done and Shiny


Colour coded bumpers really suited this colour


Nice Number plate too





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