Bike: Kawasaki ZX9 Ninja
Colour: Blue
Spec: Polished frame and wheels, rear hugger and smooth undertray, solo seat

Bought crash damaged, the previous owner had come off going round a roundabout and smashed all the plastics down one side and the damaged the tank.
I managed to source most of the parts second hand, by talking to the guys at the local Kawasaki Garage parts dept, they often had some great leads for other damaged bikes and parts.
I polished the frame and wheels, resprayed in a Blue Candy, added the Red Bull Graphics, a smooth undertray and rear hugger, solo seat, then put it all back together.

Something I had always wanted to do (think it might be a mid life crisis thing), But a guy I used to ride out with, died in a bike accident so for the sake of my marriage it had to go. I still miss it when the weather is nice, but think myself lucky that I did it and can still tell the tale.
Untill you have been on something like this you have no idea what real speed is



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