Car: Renault 5 Turbo
Colour: Pearl White

I was working, earning a reasonable salary, single, so thought why not splash out and buy something newer
These were and still are very fast and tuneable cars, I owned this one for about 5 years dating from 1988, this was at a time when they were relatively new and tuning parts were not as readily available as now. I got friendly with a guy who used to race them, so got lots of tips and second hand parts from him, by the time I sold it, it included a louvred bonnet, reworked head, all alloy intercooler, strut brace, was superchipped, freeflow exhaust, lowered all round, fitted with castor/camber plates, later phase 2 alloys, braided brake hoses and much more.

A real pocket rocket and great fun to drive


This was it when I bought it, totally standard


Later Engine Bay shot, note strut brace, castor/camber plates and alloy intercooler


Citroen AX rear roof spoiler, fitted well and looked good



I think I used this photo when I came to sell it
Holes in front bumper were for extra cooling over the intercooler, note later wheels and removal of lower body graphics



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