Car: Renault 21 Turbo
Colour: Red

By now the turbo bug had really bitten, as had the marriage bug, so something bigger than the Renault 5 was needed, I bought this as a 3 year old ex company car, its condition was immaculate with 80,000 miles on the clock. It had every luxury I could dream of including leather interior and air con. In their day they were known as the French Cosworth, perhaps they weren't quite as fast as a Sierra Cosworth but they were certainly far more refined and nicer to drive. It was very reliable too, the only work it needed to the engine other than regular servicing was a new Exhaust manifold, as the original had cracked, (a common problem) Again I lowered this one, fitted new alloys, cross drilled discs and when I came to sell it 4 years later I actually sold it for the same price that I bought it.

This was an amazing and very underrated car








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