Car: Ford Escort MK1
Colour: Black
Spec: 1300GT engine, Lowered , Rostyle Wheels, Mexico front wings

This was my first car, bought from a neighbour for £50.00, originally light blue, I quickly started work on it and it spent a very long time in grey primer, I always thought that looked cool. My friend (Droo) and I were always messing with this and his Mk1, I had it for about 5 years, in that time it went from being jacked right up at the rear (as was the rage at the time) to being lowered till it almost touched the ground, We fitted a six dial dash, mexico front wings, a 1300GT engine and Rostyle wheels, we didn't have much spare cash in those days so most Saturdays were spent trawling the scrapyards looking for go faster bargains.

this was definetley the car that I cut my teeth on, I knew every inch of that car, knew the size of every nut and bolt on it, (in those days they were 1/2" or 9/16" AF).
I used to think it was fast too, looking back it was probably safer that it wasn't.
My Mother borrowed it one winters days, spun on the ice and rolled it in a ditch, I was gutted, but just the excuse I needed to move on. Can't believe, looking at them now, how small they are.
I would like to think that my photography has improved a bit since them also



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