Car: BMW E46 320d SE Touring
Colour: Tourmaline Violet
Spec: SE Spec, electric windows, air conditioning, sport suspension 17" Alloys, Professional Sat Nav and TV, Motorolla V50 Factory fitted Car Phone 5 speed manual

Turbo blew at 12,000 miles, Turbo, intercooler and full exhaust replaced under warranty
Problems with Mobile phone every 8 months or so, always replaced under warranty by BMW
Diesel Injector Rail split approx 70,000 miles, covering road and engine bay in diesel, Repaired under warranty
Unusual wear to extreme inside edges of rear tyres, BMW could find no fault but reset all geometrey, still went through rear tyres every 20,000 miles
Drivers side front indicator "fell" out while driving along
1 half front kidney grill "fell" out while driving along

Despite the problems, this was real Diesel power (150 bhp), for the first time you could change down and then overtake, without having to wait for a hill.
Fuel Consumption 47 mpg average, 55mpg on a run
Still love the Touring shape
Everyone loved the colour
Sat Nav is the Future
Went back to the Leasing company, in immaculate condition, I really did love this car




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