Chris Chilton

Country: UK
Colour: Alpine White (146)

Chris bought this car in Nov 2005, it had been off the road since 1999, he bought it from the second owner, an old guy, who bought it in 1983.

The car is all original with only 74,000 Miles on the clock, and when new was ordered with electric roof, factory spoilers, wide factory stripe kit and it used to have headlamp wipers but the previous owner took the arms off and lost them. It's never been welded (apart from the diff-mounting where they all go) but though the doors look good they're rotten inside and a battery has leaked at some time in the past and rotted the tray. There's also some rust under the bottom of the rear screen rubber which could well be a lot worse when he gets the window out. But the arches, wings, sills, valance and boot floor are fine. The interior is also excellent with only a saggy bolster on the drivers seat.

Work commitments have meant that progress has been slow, but jobs so far include freeing the brakes off and bleed them, fitting a new clutch slave cylinder and fuel pump and draining the old petrol. But he needs to replace the fuel lines before he can get it to run. He has also sourced a new rear spoiler (the original was badly split) and some new doors but not got round to fitting them yet.

The Future :
Replace the fuel lines and get the engine started







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