Thomas Slee

Phase 1 of the spraying

The paint was applied in several different layers: firstly the primer (2 to 3 layers), followed by the actual colour (2 to 3 layers of Polaris 060) and some areas were also clear coated (2 to 3 layers) as well.
Because of environmental regulations, it is prohibited in The Netherlands to use old style (better quality, but more env. unfriendly) clear coat paint, fortunately an exception is made for older vehicles like Thomas's.
The rest of the exterior will be clear coated after final mounting of all the body panels.
The temperatures were set to a high level in the spray booth and every layer of paint dried quickly. the initial results look very promising.


Thomas was then given the task of treating the inner wheel arches, the workers gave him some of his now favorite air powered tools (sanding pad and steel brush) and also a can of Röst jager (Zinc based primer) and told him to get on with it. Thomas was very careful carrying out this work as he did not want to burn or damage the paintwork on the other side.and it took many hours to get to the level that Thomas was happy with.
Before apply the underseal finish he had to cover the entire car again with plastic and tape, except of course for the inner wheel arches. Everything was painted with Röst jager followed by several layers of a Dinitrol product, which is a rubber based product, it is very flexible, and this allows it to withstand the worst conditions.


12 August 2008
Thomas has just returned from holiday to discover, that the garage, where he was keeping all the stripped parts in, was badly burned in a fire, starting in the next door garage. Thomas is yet to fully determine which parts are saveable and which are scrap, worst of all his engine and gearbox were in here, but at present only seem to be affected by the water damage from putting the fire out.
18 August 2008
Following the fire and the soaking of the engine, from the Fire Department, Thomas thought it best to open up the engine to check to see if any water had got in , he was hesitant at first, as the engine had been running well, but now that he has, he is glad that he did.
The car is currently waiting for the final coats of paint to be applied
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