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February 2012



A lot rustproofing was done. This comprises: the part where the wiper system goes, chassis beams, sills, bonnet, and so on. Doors and other components were already done earlier (as seen in previous pictures). For difficult to reach areas, a vacuum cleaner (with a small fuel hose) was used to remove dirt. When clean and degreased, this is followed by Caprotech RX-5 and RX-7 (for the cavities) or anti-rust (bitumen/tectyl) coating (underside of the car). For the latter I prefer 3M, Dinitrol or Valvoline.

Some new plastic clips were obtained. Headlights: were replaced. The headlight carriers were stripped and painted glossy black. The rest of the head lights components were treated as well. The chrome parts were carefully refurbished by using a lot of elbow grease.

The rear lights were cleaned with the help of cleaning agents + little water. If you do so, make sure they dry out perfectly.

The cavities under windscreen (where the wiper system resides) contain a foam block in each corner. After 30 years, it found it was worth it to replace both of these blocks. The new rear door windows were mounted. The small (fixed) window should go first. Then the larger window.





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