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July 2009 Fitting the Windsheild


It is a good thing that these trims are still produced and available. Although it turns out that BMW (Mobile Tradition) doesn't fabricate them very accurately to original standards. Therefore, this trim is extremely difficult to install (if possible?). I asked some restoration workshops which have some experience with BMW E12 / E28 F+R window install. They confirmed the problem with these new trims and wished me best of luck with the job, as they didn't want to get their hands dirty.

Some advice: I've had really bad experiences with lubricants when installing this trim, while they will enable the trim to pop out again more easily at either side. Duck tape was helpful to hold the trim into place and enabled me to work my way from left to right.
Img_0453 shows that the trim is a bit under tension. I tried to position the right side of the trim in the correct place by using very strong clamps. That didn't entirely work as hoped. I still have to find the solution and I'm considering to contact a car glass specialist. Although I don't believe that they will do much better.. ...fortunately I do have another new trim at my disposal. Nevertheless, any advice is certainly welcome.




The images below show the very tight fit of the new trim


August 2009




This is the place were the car resides most of the time. Certainly a good and secure storage and I'm very pleased with it, Although working on cars is not allowed unfortunately. To my regret, I still haven't found a new place to work in after the garage fire last year. This dramatically slows down the progress of my project.


The idea is to make the car waterproof a.s.a.p. and I already had some work done on the doors. However, before any of the windows can be installed, I need to give the doors (including the nooks and crannies) a thorough anti-rust and wax treatment with Caprotech RX5 and RX7. After applying either of these products, 24H drying time is advisable. Therefore, a garage is almost essential (or at least very helpful) for such a job. As luck would have it, my ex-neighbour was going on holiday for a few days and was kind enough to lend me his excellent garage to work on the M535i. An offer too good to refuse of course.




As you can see, this product is very thin (low viscosity) thus really gets everywhere. Therefore I made sure to close / seal all the major gaps.


While the layers of anti-rust products were drying, it was time to do some more jobs. I started with removing the brake calipers which I will refurbish in the near future.


close-up of the caliper. They appear to be in a reasonable shape, nevertheless everything (rubbers and perhaps pistons) will be refurbished. Although I'm still thinking about how to treat the calipers themselves. Advice is welcome.

during/after the wax treatment, I managed to install and correctly align some parts (locking mechanism etc.) of the doors.


Next day it was time to apply the wax (RX-7). The nice thing about it, is that this wax will always stay very flexible (it never really dries).



when installing the trunk lid closing system, don't forget to order a new bush/grommet for the connection rod in advance.



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