Thomas Slee

The Car returned home, all the bodywork completed, check out the lovely straight reflections and the smooth paintwork, Thomas tells me that the photos don't do the car justice and I can well believe it.





November 2008

The front spoiler and wheels have been painted and await refitting


Thomas has also been busy with the engine, he has had the head and timing chain cover skimmed, he also had it pressure tested and the valves and seals replaced, unfortunately he has broken the end of the cam which drives the distributor, but has been advised that this should still work okay



Lots of new parts from Walloth and Nesch, will make this car really special once it is finished



Thomas is also starting to shotblast and restore the headlight assemblies


December 2008

Mainly further disassembling of the engine, the large 36mm nut on the front pulley proved difficult to remove, but a liberal soaking in WD40 and the use of a very heavy duty windy gun air tool, did the trick



The clutch has been ruined by the water from the fire and definitely needed to be replaced


The flywheel will also need to be skimmed and cleaned up



Power steering pump came up well, with just a good clean and degrease


Plans next include, fully stripping the rest of the engine, and replacing and checking bearings rings and seals as needed, and then a full rebuild with new timing chain, core plugs and bearings. This will be like new once it has been completed


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