Thomas Slee

The Parts

This section covers the parts that Thomas has collected in preparation for the restoration, they are certainly very comprehensive and just goes to show what are still available.

Thomas made a list of the parts that he needed and slowly started to acquire everything via many different sources.
The majority of the parts were, to his great surprise and relief, still available at the BMW dealership or at Walloth & Nesch.
He bought almost every body part new: the bonnet, the wings, the doors, the nose, the boot lid, and also a lot of engine and other parts. Sometimes he would arrive at the dealership with literally more than 15 sheets of paper entirely filled with part numbers. It turned out that the manager was also a true enthusiast (owner of a 2002 turbo and former owner of an Alpina B6), and as well as helping Thomas, with the task of acquiring all these parts, he was even kind enough to give him an M535i E12 brochure from his private collection in mint condition.

Thomas has so far been unable to find a set of new springs for the car, but knows that Adam Wilson was recently able to acquire a set of H&R springs, so he is still on the look out, and hopes to fit these to the car as well.
The rear (and rare) Motorsport spoiler was NLA and took a lot of effort to find. eventually he found one for sale in the UK, the underside wasn't the best, but all the outer faces are good.
In the end Thomas admits that all these parts have cost him an arm and a leg.. and then another arm and a leg. But to Thomas the car is worth it and his aim is to bring the car back to its former glory.



Finding (the majority) of the necessary parts is one thing, but he was now about to take up the true challenge.

It was finally time for the strip down
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