Thomas Slee

The car during restoration

Acquaintances of Thomas's own a restoration workshop, added to that they also have an excellent reputation ( But Thomas wanted to convince himself that they would carry out a good job before he handed over the M535i and so he visited their workshop.

He was indeed impressed by the quality of their work and they also told him that he could help with the work as well, which he would certainly enjoy doing in his free time.

So the car was on it's way the next morning, unfortunately because they were very busy, they were unable to start work straight away so the car sat in storage for over a month before they could finally commence.





Step one was cleaning the engine bay with a strong degreaser. Then all the rust was removed and the metal repaired/welded.



A large hole in the engine bay (bulkhead/firewall) took a lot of work to repair.



After that the new body parts were mounted to see if everything would align correctly. As luck would have it they did. After that the exterior was sanded to the bare metal and treated with a filler primer (red). The nose was already screwed on for trial purposes, so that could now be spot welded, special primer (blue) was applied for the welds to prevent corrosion.



You will notice the colour of the metal behind the nose cone, this is a special product which converts corrosion (Fertan). It is unusual in that water actually speeds up the rust conversion process and water is also used afterwards for the removal of the residue.


Thomas then spent three days grinding and sanding the entire engine bay. The battery tray had also suffered from rust and was also welded.



Afterwards filler was applied where necessary and the car received a special coating of anti-chip painting in some areas (engine bay, rear and some other areas).



Thomas wanted the new towing hook screwed and welded into place. The workers were in a bit of a rush, so the job was done in less than 10 minutes. A record time he thinks.


After all the hard work, it was time to seal everything for the paint job followed quickly by cleaning the entire car with a mild degreaser.

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