Thomas Slee

The Car before

BMW's have always interested Thomas, mainly due to the (German) build quality, and more importantly the perfect balance between a luxury and sporty character. After lots of research he decided that his first BMW should be a special and fast classic. As the emphasis of most classic BMW's is not on performance, he decided it should be one with a powerful letter in it's name: the M(otorsport). It was June 2006 and someone told him about just such a rare and special car, the BMW M535i E12, which was for sale. Of course he was interested so he decided to take a look..

In Thomas's own words he is fond of all the special features. The close-ratio gearbox, the Recaro seats, the sheer power of the engine and the beautiful noise that the engine makes. A wonderful car, and to him it was tremendously fast. A true driving experience, a blast to drive. But before making any decisions he made sure that he checked the entire car thoroughly. It turned out that the basis was almost rust free. Only the condition of the paintwork, doors and bonnet was mediocre. However, it wasn't that expensive, it was mechanically sound (as far as he could tell), low mileage, and not many came up for sale, and it has an Italian background. Which is good considering the climate. Furthermore, the previous owner has obviously been an enthusiast, who had spent a considerable amount of money on the car. What more could he ask for? It was just what he was looking for.

One down side was that there were no exterior Motorsport characteristics present (the spoilers etc). But the first Italian owner had probably been fond of the concept of a wolf in sheep's clothing. After enjoying the car for a year or so while using it for university, work and (always) for pleasure, he found some surface rust starting to appear near the windscreen and the top layers of the paintwork were getting worse. There where (many) things to be done to bring it to the top condition that Thomas likes his cars to be in, so he decided that it was time to take some serious measures: a complete bodywork restoration and also a refurbishment of the suspension.





And so the project began.
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